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Posted By: Will Fly
02-Apr-10 - 08:10 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Egg rolling, Rivington Pike, Easter Mon
Subject: Folklore: Egg rolling, Rivington Pike, Easter Mon
When I lived in Horwich in Lancashire (UK) in the early 1950s, we used to walk up to the old hunting lodge on the top of Rivington Pike on Easter Monday. There was always a fair up there - heaven knows how they got up there in those days - and we kids would roll our hard-boiled, hand-painted Easter eggs down the hill and chase after them. Then, having looked at all the stalls and tried out some of the treats, filled with candy-floss and ice-cream and carrying cheap wooden toys, we'd walk home through the Chinese Gardens. The gardens were part of the estate of Lord Lever, the soap king from Port Sunlight, who owned chunks of Lancashire in those days - and may still do, for all I know. Sometimes we'd stop for tea and cakes at Rivington Barn. Then it was back to work for the men on Tuesday morning, and back to school for us.

Anyone else ever go up the Pike at Easter? Is the fair still there, and do kids still roll eggs? Probably not, but I'd be interested to hear.