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Posted By: Sawzaw
04-Apr-10 - 01:54 AM
Thread Name: BS: KatrinaGate
Subject: RE: BS: KatrinaGate...
Bobert, I googled up dixiecrats and it said there were 35 of them but nothing else.

You talked about everything and how you are so much smarter you are so you don't need to answer questions or support your facts but it would have been easier to answer the question I asked. The "go here and do this excuse"

I remember we had a deal once where you were going to find the source of the "gold plated M16 rifle" given to Saddam Hussein by Rumsfeld.

You were going to apologize if you couldn't find it. I was going to apologize if you did find it.

Did you find it?

Ordinary people admit their mistakes instead of stating their life experiences as some sort of reason that they are not really mistakes at all just minor details.

What is the medical term for that?



Irrationals are those who, when presented with evidence that contradicts their belief, will employ all means possible to reject the evidence, and as a last resort will simply deny it.
Rationals, on the other hand, when confronted with evidence that contradicts their belief, will weigh the evidence, and IF the new evidence is superior to that upon which their belief is based, will replace the old belief with the new.


What motivates the irrational mind to protect their beliefs in the face of any and all evidence?
The "Ego" which always seeks to grow ever larger.
And, in fact, that is exactly what it does.
That is why the irrational person will NEVER, EVER admit they are wrong under ANY circumstances.