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Posted By: Joe Offer
04-Apr-10 - 03:28 AM
Thread Name: Origin: Rough and tough and hard to bluff
Subject: RE: Origin: Rough and tough and hard to bluff
Yes, this thread is really ten years old, and I'm still wondering about old Erv. He had a kind of squarish face with scrunched-up features, and he wore dark-rimmed glasses - a very unusual-looking fellow. His stories were very corny, but kids loved them - because Erv loved those stories.
Erv kept a Honda 50 at camp, and asked me to watch over it - and in return, I got to ride it. Wow!

Erv also told a story about an adventurer named Shortcake, who ended up marrying an Indian princess. After a number of adventures and misadventures, Shortcake died. The chief asked, "Who bury Shortcake?" The princess answered, "Squaw bury Shortcake."

And then there was the Indian chief's son, Falling Rock. Falling Rock went out to seek the secret of life, and travelled all over North America (giving the storyteller the chance to give a geography lesson). But Falling Rock does not return, so the chief sends out braves to find him (repeating the geography lesson at least twice). And to this day, they are still looking for him - I'm sure you've seen the signs: "Watch for Falling Rock."

Come to think of it, that "Falling Rock" story might not have come from Erv - but if he had heard it, he would have told it.

But Daniel, you really did hear the line, "Used to many hard chips"? Gee, that must have been old Erv. He was a really ancient guy - must have been at least 40....