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Posted By: sian, west wales
31-Aug-00 - 04:59 AM
Thread Name: Tune Add: Bachgen bach o dincar
Subject: RE: Name This Tune - Bachgen bach o dincar
Ah, Joe, c'mon ... I'm a GIRL. I thought we went through all that with Mudguard?

And it *was* my first go at abc but, be fair, there were no twiddly bits in the tune. One or two dotted quarter notes and that's about it.

Maybe it's actually the original - The Knickerbocker Line - that you know. As I mentioned before, I'm SURE I've heard a Canadian lumbering song to the tune. Also, I was persuaded to buy a tape in Newfoundland by ...mmm ... something like Buddy Wassisname an' de ot'er Fellas (honest!) and they use a version of the tune - which they note as "traditional" - to a song "Sarah".

Bobby Bob ... thanks for remembering Yr Hwntws. I've been desperately trying to remember their name. Meredydd was the one who talked them into recording Bachgen Bach o Dincar way back when.

Be interesting to see what this thread comes up with.

Hope Praise is in on this ... 'cause this is part of the jigsaw of "How is it done?"