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Posted By: katlaughing
10-Apr-10 - 09:57 PM
Thread Name: A request from kat- new blog posting-April 2010
Subject: RE: A request from kat- help for son-update 7 Apr 2010
You folks make me smile, thanks! I slept last night through, not the class!**bg** My doc called in a heavy-duty old fashioned anti-depressant used for insomnia these days, trazadone. After seven nights of no sleep, I gave up and took some. Also had a mini-treatment from my girlfriend doc, yesterday. It was so good to see her. Yesterday AM was tough...I felt awful, Colin and I were both horribly depressed. We did talk about maybe picking up on each other too easily, but we both got better. He went to AA, I saw my friend/doc, etc. and my Rog took care of me. He is such a Blessing. Morgan came over for a short while and my SIL and I visited some more. I teased him, today, calling him my new "girlfriend" just down the street. He's winning me over and Morgan has a lot to do with it.

Anyway, other than an eye which was so dehydrated it woke me up and drops didn't help, today was much better. The eye doc on call told me what probably happened was my eyelid scraped off a layer on my eyeball from getting too dry at night and told me to use ointment instead of drops. Who knew?! The ointment is made up of mineral oil and petroleum jelly, so blurry-vision has been interesting today. It does feel much better. Rog also got the swamp cooler going, so the humidity is climbing which will also help. Good grief...what a bunch of I don't know what!**bg**

More later. I do think of you all and am so gratefull to *feel* you with me.