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Posted By: Bobert
13-Apr-10 - 08:13 AM
Thread Name: What is smokestack lightnin'?
Subject: RE: What is smokestack lightnin'?
I'm going with the train aspect, too... The old bluesmen had a fascination with trains... Train's were the poor man's mode of transportation... The were his friend and sometimes his enemy as in Son House's "Empire State Express"...

"Lemme tell ya' all
what a low down train can do
Take yer woman away
And chunk black smoke at you

I kinda think of the few steam train's I have seen my day and they are very smokey and when they accelerate froma dead stop (as in pulling out of the station, you get not only the smoke but you get the sparks as well... At night I'm sure it was quite a sight to behold, especially if you had just put a loved one on the train...

Now I'm not saying definatively this is what Wolf was talkin' about but, hey, it's the blues and it doesn't much matter as long as the lyrics leave alot to one's imagination...

That's why I am a blues player... I like it that everything isn't neat and tidy... Life isn't all that neat and tidy either...