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06-Mar-97 - 04:14 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Farewell My Friends I'm Bound for Canaan
Subject: canaan's land
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I heard this song on fashioned in clay an album including several fine singers including Gordon Bok, my apologies to the others who's names I can't remember off hand. I can't understand one line. It goes

Farewell my friends
I'm bound for cannan
I'm travling through, the wilderness
Your compainy has been delightfull
You who does leave my mind distressed
I'm bound away ?behind? to leave you
Perhaps never to meat again
But if we never have the pleasure
I hope we meat, on cannan's land

That one bit has been bothering me I've tried 'its my time' and some other frases, but I can't figure it out. also, is this afragment of a larger song.