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Posted By: Vic Smith
18-Apr-10 - 11:19 AM
Thread Name: Royal Oak, Lewes - Thursdays
Subject: RE: Royal Oak, Lewes - Thursdays
A report by Ray Whiteway-Roberts to be published in both the FOATMAD and BBMA journals:-

The Royal Oak Folk Club, Lewes 15-04-2010
Tonight the club hosted an amazing trio in the form of the lovely Liverpudlian, Rosie Davis, from the American part of America, Joe Locker & From the northern part of America, Canadian Bob Winquist.
This act was billed as a vibrant and stunning performance of Bluegrass, Old Timey and flat foot dancing, and of course, it was.

It was great to see Rosie again as we have both had our downs of late but are now on the way up. God, her voice just cut the harmonies with Joe's quieter sounds. Just took us all back to the days when? It was good to get the chance to have a heart to heart chat to Joe too during the interval. Thanks Joe for your concerns. Bobs fiddle was just magic on whatever number was played. I only hope some of the video footage I took uploads to my computer. They don't always. My arms are still tired as I don't have a pole or tripod and hold the camera at arms length for the duration of the number that's being played. I'm just grateful it wasn't a folk dirge song I was filming lasting thirty verses or more.

My only criticism is where were all the Bluegrass and Old Time lovers? My eternal thanks go to Vic & Tina Smith who book the Old Time musicians from this and the other side of the pond and the joy I receive from seeing these great performers in action is immeasurable. There'll come a time when I won't be able to get out to see these events and all I'll have is my memories, pictures and films, but what treasures they'll be. I'll be able to say to myself and my grand children "Yes, I was there when?" I implore you to get out and experience as much as you can while you can and support our home grown as well as overseas artists. What a great night, thanx Rosie, Bob & Joe.