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19-Apr-10 - 11:08 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Old Aunt Jemima & Aunt Jemima's Plaster

Aunt Jemima she was old
But very kind and clever
She had a notion of her own
That she would marry never.
She said that she would live in peace
That none should be her master,
She made her living day by day
Selling of a plaster.

CHORUS (after each stanza):
Sheepskin, paraffin, beeswax, flax seed,
Buttermilk, sweet milk, wheat flour dough
Horse glue, fish glue, pine tar, smart weed,
Put it in the oven and you bake it sort of slow
Fry it up, tie it up, throw it on, sew it on,
Cures anything thing from a chill to a cough.
It'll burn a blister on a petrified pig
And you'll have trouble when you try to get it off

There was a thief at night and day
Kept stealing from the neighbors.
None could keep the rascal out
With all their tricks and labors.
She set a trap upon the step
And caught him with the plaster,
The more he tried to get away
The more it stuck the faster.

She had a sister very tall
And if she's kept on growing,
She might have been a giant now
In fact there is no knowing.
All of a sudden she became
Of her own height the master,
And all because upon each foot
Jemima put a plaster.

Her neighbor had a Thomas cat
That ate like any glutton,
He never caught a mouse or rat
But stole both milk and mutton.
She tried her best to keep it home
But none could be its master,
Until she plugged the cat hole up
With Aunt Jemima's plaster.

Now if you have a dog or cat,
A husband, wife, or lover,
That you would wish to keep at home
This plaster just discover.
Jemima she was taken sick
You may not believe this story
But she put a plaster on her head
And it drawed her up to Glory.