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Posted By: Gurney
25-Apr-10 - 01:07 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Beacon Park (Cyril Tawney)
Subject: Lyr Add: BEACON PARK (Cyril Tawney)
A lullaby by Cyril Tawney.

Beacon Park is a peaceful place,
If a dog should bark, it's a shocking disgrace,
And don't you dare cough when the Sun goes down.
We're sensitive people on Beacon Down.
Mmmm mmn. Ohmmm mmn.
Mmmm mmn. Ohmmm mmn.

The decibel level determines the rates.
Their cutlery's rubber, and so is their plates.
The birds never sing in the undergrowth.
Every baby is born with a cork in his mouth.

At the foot of each garden, there stands a screen
Enclosing a quaint little field latrine.
It may be unhealthy; it may make you blush,
But it won't wake you up like that noisy old flush.

The garbage disposal is done without noise.
The bins are constructed of special alloys.
The gates are spring-loaded so they never slam,
And the dustmen take courses with Geraldine Lamb.

This pious fixation for stifling sounds
Is gaining supporters in leaps and bounds.
The church at St. Boniface muffles its peals
And the Albion forwards are whispering, "Heel!"

Complaints were laid about Cyril playing his 'noisy folk tapes' at night.
Geraldine Lamb was a dance teacher.