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Posted By: mikesamwild
28-Apr-10 - 09:40 AM
Thread Name: Fascists Close St George event?
Subject: RE: Fascists Close St George event?
el Gnomo do your own homework I was commenting on that particular video which I think would send out the wrong signal in multicultural Sheffield. Fred ,black people might be interested in their folk music. I agree about the Chocolate Drops, at a concert in Sheffield there was only one person of colour and she's a folkie. I bet if you put on a blues artist black peole wouldn't turn out and I've seen very few at 'World Music' festivals either., they've moved on and that may be why the Chocolate Drops are seen as an anachronism ( I loved them mind). Billy Connolly told a tale of a black Anmerican who said ' bros don't like yeehah and banjos! when he saw Billy's banjo tattoo'

Ruth I'd like to hear your views, can you start another thread as the Gnome suggested?.

After my earlier post I fell to wondering why St George's Day is such a non-event. Maybe we should go back to Mayday on May 1st whenever it falls and have a traditional day of misrule to equal St Patrick's Day. Green Persons all over the place rustling their leaves, black faced chimney sweeps, milkmaids, etc etc . Then back on your heads next day and social order reestablished. The toffs and their agents always did win!.

I think MayDay was wrecked by the powersthatbe because of its perceived Red connections - and it was appropriated, again by Left and Right ite past. Now you have to go to Padstow to get a taste of it or some of the revivals..

Where are you hgoing for MayDay 1st or 7th?