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Posted By: Emma B
28-Apr-10 - 04:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bigotry, gaffes & stuff that disappears
Subject: RE: BS: Bigotry, gaffes & stuff that disappears
I was wondering the very same - it was there before dinner and then....... poof! gone!

I was going to post this link from Yahoo news

""All these eastern Europeans that are coming in - where are they flocking from?"

Beyond the fact that she has answered her own question, this statement is profoundly problematic. This sort of talk about immigrants has become more and more acceptable, but we would do well to remind ourselves that it is not acceptable to use animal or geographic metaphors about immigrants.

Talk of 'flocks' and 'swamps' serve to cement a sense of immigrants being 'the other'. They are not so different to us. They marry us, drink beer with us, work with us and live side by side with us.

If we despise the robotic version of politicians which have invaded our TV screens, the pre-programmed Cabinet-level automatons who emit soundbites and vacuity, then we must accept that politicians will behave like humans.

They are not moral paradigms and we must accept that behaviour we would tolerate in a friend or colleague should be tolerated from them as well.
This disproportionate reaction to their all-too-human failings will just provide us with another generation of political robots."