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Posted By: Lena
01-Sep-00 - 09:22 PM
Thread Name: Beatles: Please Stop!
Subject: RE: Beatles: Please Stop!
I was born a long time after Beatles and went to know their songs through my mother singing them like lullabies.But I must admit that around five years ago they were pushed back a lot,going on the charts like an existing band.

the most ridicoulous bit was miss Rompiballe Ono,who suddenly came up in Sydney a coulpe of months ago.I was at work at the Opera House when i saw this huge billboards with Yoko Ono on talking about her giving a performance there.I did'n go to assist,I strongly believe in good taste.

I tell you,i'm still wondering what the xxxx she did there.Did she play?!Did she paint?!Did she talk about her and John Lennon?!Did she stand there and smile/!Did she talk about her most prestigious ideas on universe and world health?!How comes so many women got the fame only thanks to who they went in bed with?!

As the Herald put it,"Give her a piece of a chance"....