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Posted By: mikesamwild
29-Apr-10 - 07:39 AM
Thread Name: Fascists Close St George event?
Subject: RE: Fascists Close St George event?
CrowSister I was merely commenting o lack of support for a particular concert by black american musicians here in Sheffield. I'm sure people support the music of their own people. World Music audiences do seem mainly white British over here. I organized a large festival a few years back and got very little interst from the local 'minority population' for groups form all over the world. Maybe the venues are alienating, although a lot were in their local areas.

Mind you the big open air reggae and Dub Step etc events get suport from the youth which cut across all boundaries.

Maybe 'folk'as a genre orlabel just isn't what is interesting to them.My 5 sons were raised ( or dragged )to trad music and have gone into other forms. Mea Culpa ;-)