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Posted By: Jeri
02-Sep-00 - 09:13 AM
Thread Name: Beatles: Please Stop!
Subject: RE: Beatles: Please Stop!
Rick, I got the feeling you recorded the song despite it being a Beatles song, not because of it. It seems that recording a Beatles song would be a risk for a folkie. I have a love/hate relationship with that one, and many or their songs. If I'd grown up a generation later, I might not feel that way. For me, the Beatles were inexcapable. I think it's likely that the music is fresh to younger generations - the "everything old is new again" phenomenon. "Tribute" books are still over the top. Next thing you know, you'll be able to buy nose hairs from various Beatles, encased in gold-decorated crystal, and blessed by...well, who could bless Beatles stuff?

Re my previous comment - there seems to be a trend around here that when someone wants a bit of attention, they pick on a known member. Rick was getting it in the "Zit" thread. (Perpetrated by either a handful of anonymous guests, or one guest with multiple personalities talking to itself.) If Deborah's comment was really about overdone/done-in-a-way-she-doesn't-like Beatles songs and not an attempt to shift conversation from the selling of a musical phenomenon to bashing one particular Mudcatter, I apologise. It's weird that Barry heard a female and Deborah heard a male - did they play versions of the song from two different Borealis artists?

I've heard "I've Just Seen a Face" in more than one session, and can recall a bluegrass version. I've also heard "Norwegian Wood," "Rocky Raccoon," "Yesterday"...