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02-May-10 - 08:56 PM
Thread Name: A request from kat- new blog posting-April 2010
Subject: RE: A request from kat- new blog posting-April 2010
Oh, but I LOVED it the rest of the was only at night!**bg**

Thanks for your comments, friends. There are still plenty of areas where one can go camping in Colorado, though I don't know if there are in the area I was writing about. Haven't been up there since I was a young adult. I also think things are more controlled as to where one may camp. Privy? What's that?**bg** We sometimes went places where there was nothing and we set up a card table with lawn chairs, dug a fire pit lined with rocks, used a designated area for toileting and proper burial of it, and took our pleasure in the solitude. I think to get to a place where one can do that now, one has to hike in a long ways, ride horses, pack in with llamas, etc. and, of course, pack it all back out.

My family has always loved camping. I have an adorable photo of my dad's cousin and her newly wed husband on horses with camp gear tied on. It was their honeymoon trip and she is grinning to beat the band, setting off on her new life.

When I met Rog and he told me his family's idea of camping was to go to Hampton Beach in the summer and stay in a travel trailer, I laughed my head off. They sent us a post card. WE went camping to get away from all of the people and there they were in the thick of them! It was a totally alien concept to me. I understand it better, now, but would still NEVER choose it. If I am camping I don't want ANYONE nearby.