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Posted By: Bob Bolton
02-Sep-00 - 08:39 PM
Thread Name: Tune Add: Bachgen bach o dincar
Subject: RE: Name This Tune - Bachgen bach o dincar
G'day Sian and Barbabra,

Interesting point: Dorian or Aeolian? When I picked up a whistle and worked out the tune (The Great Northern Line version) from my head, I played it as a Dorian mode. When I looked up the notation, it appears as Aeolian. The only distinction being a single occurrence (in F) of a Bb - a single quaver in a 6/8 bar - in the basic tune.

I found that I could play the tune either way, so the note, B or Bb, is only a passing note and, without it, the tune would be hexatonic and could be described as either Dorian or Aeolian. When I played another version of the tune (the 2/4, not 4/4 as I incorrectly described it, Lachlan Tigers) on my button accordion I played it as Aeolian - from old habit, but probably suggested by the way I hear the chording.

I must admit that, when I came to playing it either way on the whistle, I found that I prefered the b 'flatted', so I guess I opt for Aeolian, but it is not a big difference and I think Barbara's description of 'modal' is the safest. It would depend on local or personal preference and habit.


Bob Bolton