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Posted By: Steve Gardham
11-May-10 - 11:34 AM
Thread Name: Origins/Info: Tail Toddle
Subject: RE: Origins/Info: Tail Toddle
There seems to be some disagreement over the meaning of 'doddle/dottle'. An earlier post (17.1.09: 8.49)stated it was probably a hymen, but in a later one (17.1.09: 3.27)it seems to mean penis. Perhaps both.

The John Bell Collection from the early 19thc has some related pieces.

136 Tail Tottle

Had I but a Pint of Wine
Had I but a Brandy bottle
Had I but a bonny lass
I wad make her Tail tottle
Tail tottle, Tail tottle,
Had I but a Brandy bottle
With a bit of Tail tottle

A fragment from John Bell himself paper watermarked 1812

174 Gingle Up the lang Sattle, A

Gingle up the lang sattle (seat)

Our Auld Mans to Carlisle gane
For to buy a corn riddle
there'll be gam ere he gets hame
Jacky jinks up Jennys Fiddle (jinks=frisks)
hie now the lang Sattle
Do-- Do--
There'll be gam ere he get hame
jacky jink up Jenny's Fiddle.

our Auld Man hung on the Pot
and our goud Wife put in the ladle
and that was a the kale the gat (kale=broth)
for gingling up the lang sattle.

Hie how my back my back
and hie how my Wame hinny
sare sick and like to dee
every day sine sine hinny (since then)


Our gudemna's away to Fife
A to buy a Coal riddle
Ere he comes back there'll news be rife
For Jockie's dancd to jenny's fiddle
    Lasses gar your tails toddle.

A from Henry Robson, B from James Telfer