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Posted By: GUEST
12-May-10 - 09:58 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Birch Tree (Russian)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: The Birch Tree (Russian)
There is Russian at the beginning of this song. I don't know how to spell it, so I'll just try.

Voh poh leh beh rhogh zah stah yah la
Voh poh lay kud yah vah yah stah yah la
Luli Luli stah yah lah
Luli luli stah yah lah

See there in the meadow a birch tree
See the silver leaves dance when the wind blows
Luli Luli when the wind blows
Lu-u-u-li Luli when the wind blows

I will cut three twigs from the Birch tree
Make three silver flutes from silver branches
Luli Luli silver branches
Lu-u-u-li Luli silver branches

From this tree I'll carve a balalika
For grandfather play my balalika
Luli Luli balalika
Lu-u-u-li Luli balalika

When I play my lovely balalika
I'll remember you my darling birch tree
Luli Luli darling birch tree
Lu-u-u-li luli darling birch tree----------