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Posted By: Jim Dixon
14-May-10 - 03:52 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Goodnight Mr. Moon
Subject: Lyr Add: GOOD-NIGHT MR. MOON (Dawson/Von Tilzer)
I was pretty excited when I first ran across references to this song, but it turns out not to be the same one most people are talking about. Oh well, might as well post it anyway.

(Words, Eli Dawson. Music, Albert Von Tilzer)

1. Honey dear, this nook is lonely. I have a fear
Someone is near. Let's move from here.
I would feel funny if someone were to hear
Sweet nothings that you whisper in my ear.
The moon is shining. Folks can't help but know.
Bid him "good-night" and then perhaps he'll go.

Good-night, good-night, Mister Moon.
Hide your face so we can spoon.
We just can't make love in front of you (and why not?)
Don't you see that we are bashful too?
Good-night, good-night, Mister Moon.
Close your bright eyes. Won't you go to sleep?
And don't you dare to peep.
Good-night (good-night, good-night), Mister Moon.

2. Honey dear, the winds are blowing. I have a fear
Raindrops are near. It's lightning, dear.
I can hear thunder. We must run home quick, dear,
'Cause mother doesn't worry when you're near.
The moon's so angry, tears he has to shed.
He knew just what we meant when we both said:

Words, Eli Dawson. Music, Albert Von Tilzer.
New York: The York Music Co., 1911.