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Posted By: Little Hawk
04-Sep-00 - 01:57 PM
Thread Name: Happy Labor Day (US)
Subject: RE: Happy Labor Day (US)
Little Hawk, here in Canada, would like to wish all the Mudcatters a very fine and contemplative Labour Day. Never forget how hard ordinary workers had to struggle to secure basic human rights in the workplace, and how many died in that struggle. It's not over yet...most of the 3rd World is still in economic slavery so we can fill our ugly shopping malls with cheap stuff that we don't actually need.

May you all be well and happy. May Mbo get to hear all the songs he knows and loves. May Spaw finally get that industrial weight shipment of Beano from the mail order house. :-)

By the way, my dad, who is the world's ultimate workaholic (having been his own boss since the mid-60's), is of course WORKING today. He can't figure why the other businessmen aren't in their offices when he calls. "Where the hell is everybody?" he mutters to himself. The only day my dad takes off is Christmas. He is now doing up some quotations and correspondence.

This goes a long way toward explaining my moderate laziness and contemplative spiritual lifestyle...and the fact that I would rather sing than fight.