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Posted By: Tattie Bogle
21-May-10 - 04:08 PM
Thread Name: Dupuytrens Contracture
Subject: RE: Dupuytrens Contracture
I have some nodules in the palm of my left hand, which appeared after i went to a drumming workshop and hit the rim of the djembe too hard and too often with the palm of that hand. So far, after nearly 2 years, no sign of any pulling in of my fingers tho' my GP says I have early "classic Dupuytren's", and my mother had it too. No sign of any problem in my right hand so far. So I did a little research on it: radiotherapy was mentioned for very early cases, (and by ANA above) but only seems to be used in Germany, and not in the UK, whee they are hung up on "evidence-based medicine" and don't believe it works. There is a surgeon in Derbyshire who is doing a needle aponeurotomy operation, which is less invasive than the traditional Z-plasty, and takes both NHS and private referrals, but you have to have some flexor deformity already to qualify for this, See: