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Posted By: Bobert
24-May-10 - 09:44 PM
Thread Name: BS: Obama's Brownshirts?
Subject: RE: BS: Obama's Brownshirts?
Man, geeze oh pete, Rigs... You have really turned te corner here and crossed over to the dark side... This ain't about illegal immagrants, mah man... It's about the filthy rich not investing all that dough we gave them under Bush's tax cuts in jobs... Don't blame immigrant for the laziness we have seen from the monied class over the last 30 years... They are the problem... Not immigrants... You want jobs??? Take the tax cuts away from those lazy butt rich folks and just start you up a WPA or CCC... Take unemployment down to zipola... No, Rigs, you have missed a few days in school over the last 30 years... You have it all wrong...