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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
25-May-10 - 03:35 AM
Thread Name: BS: Obama's Brownshirts?
Subject: RE: BS: Obama's Brownshirts?
Guest from Sanity: "GfS:..and all of them swore an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution...yet, when they don't THEY are breaking the law of the land....wouldn't you agree? Both sides do it, and they only thing that differentiates the two major political parties, is which different parts of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, they like to ignore, bend, or do away with. Other than that, they are just about the same!"

Too hot of a potato to deal with??? Let's cut the bullshit:

"Why would it seem so incorrect, to think that a government should regulate the amount of immigrants, coming in, when it might impact the country, as to jobs, crime and well-being of its OWN citizens?? Don't you think that a government owes its allegiance, to the citizens of their own country first?...especially when the government is suppose to be "We the People"?.....What gives a government power or right to rule AGAINST the will of "We the People?"
Something must correct itself, wouldn't you say?? How far are these two entities going to oppose each other, without something 'popping'? Methinks it does not bode well."

The truth is, the so-called libs CAN'T answer that question, without undermining there own position!!!!!

...Maybe instead of parroting the bogus premise, why not look at it REALISTICALLY for a change???...Remember when Bush was in office, how it was the Dems who were whining about 'W's' policy on the border. Now that we have a Dem president, they changed their tune!..Shit, you wouldn't do that while in the middle of a set would you?? the middle of the tune??..without the other band members knowing it, would you??...Shit, maybe you would!