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Posted By: Tim Jaques
24-May-98 - 04:48 PM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: The Black Fox (Graham Pratt)
Subject: RE: The Black Fox
Great trad singer, isn't he?

Chris Foster informed me in an email, after I tracked him down through the internet, that he plans to release a new CD some time soon. His two Topic LP's, "Layers" and "All Things In Common " have not been released on CD. (He also had songs on two other compilation albums. I don't know, but it may be possible that some of his songs may be on the 20 odd disc Topic retrospective that is being released.

He has a tape out called "Sting In The Tale", which oddly enough does not include the song by that name.:) It contains different versions of some songs that were on his earlier LP's, as well as some that weren't.

The tape is seven pounds sterling, and if you order by post order make sure you make it payable to Chris Foster. It can be had from him at Green Man Productions, 11 Osborne Street, Burton-Upon-Trent, UK, DE15 0JL.

Songs on the tape are as follows: Coast of Peru
Herring's Head
The Black Fox
The Fowler
The Grey Cock
The Neighbour's Cat
Flying High, Flying Free
Rufford Park Poachers
The Derby Ram
False Knight
Wo Sind Die Elefanten?

The version of "False Knight" here is not the "False Knight On The Road" song, featuring the little child and the riddling false knight. This is the one that usually goes under another name, which escapes me at the moment, which features a cat, a parrot, and a lady outwitting a false knight by chucking him into the sea. The version of Derby Ram is probably the best I've ever heard.

You've inspired me to put it on and give it another listen.:)