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Posted By: Jim Dixon
27-May-10 - 06:34 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Wheel of Fortune
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: The Wheel of Fortune (Midnight Well)
Ambrose who started this thread in 2003 probably won't be back, so I'll try to answer for him.

Ambrose told us in his first message that the song he wanted, called WHEEL OF FORTUNE, was recorded by a group called Midnight Well in 1976, and it was written by Thom Moore. (This is not the famous Irish poet Thomas Moore (1779-1852) but the contemporary American-Irish singer-songwriter Thom Moore.)

Furthermore, it appears that Ambrose was also the guest who posted on 11 Jan 03 - 04:50 AM although he didn't sign his message. There he quoted a few lines from the song he wanted. These lines do not appear in the song that was just posted.

Further-and-furthermore, the son that has just been posted, which is variously known as DUBLIN CITY or WHEEL OF FORTUNE or THE SPANISH LADY, has already been posted at Mudcat many times, as could easily be verified by a search on a distinctive phrase, such as "sad experience teaches me."

Occurrences like this are too frequent, and it frustrates me, but it just occurred to me now that maybe the guy who most deserves a kick upside the head is the guy who writes a new song and gives it the same title as a famous old song. (Or even an obscure old song. Or ....)

Anyway, I listened to a sound sample, and the song we are looking for definitely contains the lines:

Says he loves me, Jack Farmer, cryin' in the rain.
In his life, never had a love that brought him so much pain
Says it makes him turn away from all he's done before.
Now ...