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Posted By: Willie-O
28-May-10 - 05:47 AM
Thread Name: Review: 60's music murders and suicide
Subject: RE: Review: 60's music murders and suicide
Wow, that's quite something. I wasted practically the whole day on the 16 parts...lots of interesting 60's anecdotes and detail on forgotten characters. The conpiracy theory--that an inordinate number of successful folk-rock musicians living in Laurel Canyon had family ties to military and military intelligence, and in some cases the "bluebloods" there was a secret Defense Dept media centre in the heart of Laurel Canyon, and briefly, that the whole "folk-rock scare" was an orchestrated Establshment plot to de-politicize the 60's music scene, is ridiculous beyond belief. But it starts out better written than most conspiracy screeds...then descends into repetition upon repetition upon pseudo-Gonzo digression, causing the reader to scream "GET TO THE POINT". Just skip to Part XVI where he concludes his pile of dead-end anecdotes with an explanation that the word "unsubstantiated" does not even begin to describe. ("Delusional fantasy" is getting there though.)   The writer has a special hatred for David Crosby, whose lineage, alleged lack of talent, and personality he blathers on about...and on and on...don't go there unless you have a bunch of time on your hands, because the damn thing is strangely compelling though totally unsatisfying.