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Posted By: Don(Wyziwyg)T
28-May-10 - 07:37 PM
Thread Name: BS: Obama's Brownshirts?
Subject: RE: BS: Obama's Brownshirts?
""without mentioning the British propaganda about German atrocities in Belgium and France that fueled that persecution.""

Presumably, by "British Propaganda", you mean the fact that nearly one hundred men of French resistance and the BEF, who had held up the leading SS division on its approach to Dunkirk, were packed into a local barn, and grenades thrown in among them.

Few survived!

Or maybe you are referring to the well documented actions of the Waffen SS, who tied unarmed POWs' hands behind them with baling wire, then shot them in the back of the head.

Two survived!

Or possibly the 50+ victims of the gestapo, following the "Great Escape", who were "shot trying to escape" (actually driven out into the countryside, let out of the trucks for a piss, and machine gunned to death.

Try telling their wives and children about that "British Propaganda".

The survivors provided the evidence of these actions which you dismiss as "Propaganda", and they can hardly bring themselves to talk about it seventy years on.

Don T.