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Posted By: Willie-O
28-May-10 - 10:30 PM
Thread Name: Review: 60's music murders and suicide
Subject: RE: Review: 60's music murders and suicide
Speaking of strangely compelling wastes of time, I also read Crosby's autobiography, "Long Time Gone", which seems to be a major piece of source material for Dave McGowan, author of "The-Strange-but-Mostly-True-Story-of-Laurel-Canyon...". Crosby doesn't spend much time explaining his aristocratic bloodline, but goes into plenty of detail on the eight years or so when he kept a lit blowtorch by his side, 24-hours a day, to facilitate his free-basing habit. (When CSNY did reunion tours then, they scheduled their sets so he could get a fix every 45 minutes.) I can only assume that during that decade, he was not one of the crack operatives of the Bilderburg Group (believe it or not I didn't mean to make a pun) or whatever...sumbitch is lucky to be alive and he knows it. He only started a lot of small fires...oh yeah, and he put out the revolution too.