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Posted By: Bobert
28-May-10 - 11:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Obama's Brownshirts?
Subject: RE: BS: Obama's Brownshirts?
No matter... This thread is about Obama as having this blood-thirsty band of zombies who are ready and willin' to kill off whoever ***Obama*** says to kill off... Hey, ain't what the brownshirts did??? I mean, they were the "True Believers"... Seems ya' gotta have a guy like Hitler (or Bush) to elicit these kinds of feelings... I mean, we had one Bush draped in the flag after 9/11 after another and gotta a lot of Redneck Nation with lumps in their throats and reasdy to kill anything that moved in the name of ***AMERICA****!!! Especially if all they had to do is sit on their fuckin' sofas and guzzle Budweiser while switchin' between 24/7 Shock 'n Awe and 24/7 NASCAR racin'... Sheet fire, don't get no better than that...

No, the real blood-thirsty folks were the Bush folks... Don't much matter if they were passed out in the double wide in front of the TV with a half finished Bud in front of 'um 'er the Lim/Beckers... Same difference... Upwards of a million people died in Iraq as a result of Bush and his supporters... That is what we used to call genocide...

But it goes beyond Bush... It goes to his shills and his supporters... That genocide is also on yer hands... Not mine, that is fir sure...