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Posted By: BK
06-Sep-00 - 12:22 AM
Thread Name: Walnut Valley/Winfield-Anybody Going?
Subject: RE: Walnut Valley/Winfield-Anybody Going?
We have always wanted to go, & started to plan for it this year, then other priorities came up at the last minute (family matters, etc). We still -sorta- have the time off from thursday am, to drive from central Missouri. We've never been there, & budget is a wee bit tight now due unexpected deficits (long sad tale). We (meaning me) also never had time to re-assemble the 4WD's engine & we have to go to a big conference Saturday thru Wednsday in St Louis. We do have a very old rusty crusty pick-up w/an old tatterred but almost rain-proof cap.. could sleep in the back. But haven't taken it on a long trip, nor slept in the back under the cap, in 10 or 12 years. Doubt if I could still find he platform I used to put in for sleeping above & storage below..

Does any experienced Windfield person think we could just use a tent small enough to carry in a compact sedan? rented, or buy a cheap one from WallieWorld or other cheapie place?? Would it be feasable to stay at a motel, given how late it is? (I doubt it). If you can camp, how expensive is it? Are there decent showers available? campgroung grills or just campfires, portable cook stoves, etc?

Any info, pointers, etc would be appreciated.

Thanx, BK