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Posted By: GUEST,dragonne de versailles france
07-Jun-10 - 05:58 PM
Thread Name: Obit: Tex Koenig's Passing (1999)
Subject: RE: OBIT: Tex Koenig's Passing (1999)

I'm new here and my english is not good but I will try to tell you anyway what I want to tell.
I see Tex Konig (differente maners to write his name ? imdb = konig, movies = konig) the first time on the movie Hold Up (exist an americaine remake name Quick Change but not so good on my taste).
This Big, Geantissime, Enormous guy ! Pfffffff ! impressive ! Lasky was is name and he was totaly mad ! driving a big trunk like crasy héhéhé !! A very good movie based on Canada, Montreal (I don't know Montreal, juste Little Toronto). I didn't know also that he was singer and guitariste.
I ever didn't know that he was died !
11 years after, I find out ! And I have the terrible feeling that I have miss somebody great ! A good big guy with, after what you say, a big heart and a love for life rather than money !
Jean Paul Belmondo is still alive (good for us) and come back on screen after 10 years of absence because he too, almost die. Same age, Tex should be old now, like Jean Paul, almost 80.
So, all that for say : I'm happy to see this forum remember him.
Are you (all of you) all musiciens ? singers ? etc. ?
And for those who know him since long time, are you old too ?
I ask that because of the type of the music you speak about. Old music.Don't worry, I'm not child myself, I'm almost 50.
Thank anyway for this Tex memorium
See you