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Posted By: Edthefolkie
09-Jun-10 - 10:41 AM
Thread Name: Musicians with Hearing Aids
Subject: RE: Musicians with Hearing Aids
I go along with what recent posters have said. I had a single UK NHS analogue hearing aid when my hearing was first diagnosed as shot, and it was "sort of" OK. Unfortunately there was no automatic upgrade path to digital - my local health authority hung on as long as possible before changing, and made their "drop in" centre appointment only - the reason they gave was that digital was much more expensive and needed more work by them. Yeah, right.

So I forked out nearly £3000 privately for a couple of in ear Siemens aids. These have only 3 channels, unlike Allan C's 5, but are still pretty damn good and have E2E like his. I also have an unobtrusive remote control - which is superb - but it's so unobtrusive I keep forgetting to take it with me!

I'd urge anybody with problems not to put off an audiology appointment as I did for a few years. It's not your fault that your hearing's bad - it doesn't mean you're stupid - and a good aid or two can make all the difference.

AND - you MUST insure your aids.

The downsides:

Hearing aids can never quite make your hearing the same as it was when you were 20.

Even when set for the music channel my aids are a bit "toppy".

I have managed to break the shells on both of them at different times. Apparently this is par for the course as an old friend has had his reshelled about 6 times! Although mine are insured, it was cheaper to cough up the resultant charge myself because of the insurance excess.

Battery replacement is fiddly and the compartments can break - £10 a time. Batteries are dirt cheap though.

They stop working if you go swimming in them! The above friend has done this twice.

In ear aids can get a bit clogged (yeurch, sorry), causing the shut in sensation, but Siemens aids have a tiny replaceable filter thingy which minimises this. They have just brought out a new version of the filter which is less vulnerable, also green instead of white so you can tell!

I think Clontarf83's problems may be fixable, but one does need to keep badgering the audiologist to set up the aids correctly. They also should mould the things correctly in the first place - they don't always fit exactly.