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Posted By: PHJim
11-Jun-10 - 12:33 PM
Thread Name: Help: What harmonica do I use?
Subject: RE: Help: What harmonica do I use.....?
I also love the low D harps. They're especially good for fiddle tunes since they put you in the same range as the fiddle. I like to play "fin twiddle" duets with a fiddle player using my low D harp.

Mark Clark said:
"What sort of music do you play? My impression is that cowboy songs and such use a harmonica played in it's intended key but most other forms seem to play the harmonica in "crossed" position. That is an Ab ten-hole diatonic harp would be used to play in Eb and the tonic (Eb) note is a draw note instead of a blow note. Do you play that style as well?"

Mark, I've found more use for straight harp playing than cross harp. Cross harp is great for bluesey sounding stuff, but I like straight harp for fiddle tunes or jazz standards like OLD ROCKIN' CHAIR'S GOT ME.