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Posted By: mauvepink
17-Jun-10 - 06:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: End of man-kind
Subject: RE: BS: End of man-kind
"Meanwhile, life goes on. We laugh. We plan. We invent. We build. We adapt."

We are born, we live, we die.

Sadly the last bit of your sentence is probably wrong for Homo sapiens in the modern world. Like no other species on Earth. Our trouble is WE are NOT adapting. WE are adapting the world around us to fit us. We are not physically adapting to the world at all. That will be our downfall, I believe, because - unlike Homo sapiens - other flora and fauna cannot adapt at the rate we are changing the planet. Extinctions are plentiful each year and each one is a nail in the coffin, not only the final nail in the coffin of that particular species, but in ours. Eventually our coffin and fate will be sealed.

The one species extiction the world could manage to survive a lot longer on is that of Homo sapiens.

Unless we develop the intelligence to truly adapt - and fit within the whole ecosystem without further destruction - then we really will lose it all.

Imagine an alien intelligence visiting the Earth. Their task to purger the Earth of harmful intelligence. How would they deem our intelligence to, say, that of a Dolphin. It is social, a master of it's environment, lives well within its means and fits in well in the food chain and does not damage it's environment. How does that measure against Man?

Just a few opinions