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Posted By: Genie
18-Jun-10 - 06:45 PM
Thread Name: BS:Alvin Greene-So. Carolina congressional primary
Subject: RE: BS:Alvin Greene-So. Carolina congressional pri
Ebbie, I seriously doubt that alphabetical placement would account for the overwhelming majority of the "votes" that Greene got, especially when his opponent did have some name recognition. Rawl is a former four-term state lawmaker Vic Rawl. That should make for enough name recognition in HIS OWN district to compensate a lot for ordinal position on the ballot.

DougR, you say there's "no sign of fraud yet?" Get serious. First, there's the huge question of where and how this unemployed, "indigent" guy came up with the $10k filing fee -- and the law requires that donations be disclosed unless they're very small monetary amounts.
There's no evidence that Greene campaigned - When interviewed about how and where he campaigned, he was about as specific as Sarah Palin was about what magazines & newspapers she reads.   

There are also numerous registered S Carolina voters who testified that they tried to vote for Rawls and the touch-screen machines kept trying to register the vote for Greene.

There's really no credible evidence that Green got more votes than Rawl, because there is no way to verify the accuracy of the vote count!    We have to trust that the machines are not only accurate (no glitches or bugs and were not hacked) but were not deliberately programmed to flip votes.

Add to that the fact that anyone, including Republicans, could vote to choose the Democratic Party nominee. And both Parties have been known at times in the past, where there are open primaries, to encourage their voters to vote in the other Party's primaries, especially when their own nominee has no challenger or seems to have the primary sewn up.

Even if Al Greene did actually get 60% to Rawl's 40%, that does not suggest that it was the Democrats who voted for him.

What the Republicans gain by this outcome is that neither they nor DeMint have to spend any money on the fall election, so they can spend that money elsewhere - such as trying to unseat Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid.