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24-Jun-10 - 06:43 AM
Thread Name: Finger in Ear - what's all that about?
Subject: RE: Finger in Ear - what's all that about?
and since I'm here, let me have a word to all the 'have a go' singers. Please reconsider. No one would deny you your right to sing - the good lord gave us all a voice. But why do you want to subject us to yours, if you know it's rubbish (and to the 'friends of crap singers' - if you're a real friend, find a way to gently discourage them - please don't encourage them to embarrrass themselves; it might be amusing for you, but it's kind of mean). We go to festivals and pubs to, hopefully, hear GOOD music. If you've got a crap voice, and you know it, why in heaven's name do you want to subject us to it? Isn't that the most transparent sort of self-indulgence? since your efforts are evidently only about pleasing yourself, perhaps you could confine yourself to singing to your mirror at home - this would also help you get ensure you get the appropriate 'eyes shut, head cocked, finger in ear' posture just right. Take some videos if you must, and post them on YouTube, but please don't take the mic at my local - I paid for my pint, and I'd love to enjoy it slowly, rather than slurp it down and make a dash for the door.