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24-Jun-10 - 09:06 AM
Thread Name: The re-Imagined Village
Subject: RE: The re-Imagined Village
In Wikilore :

1) In Yorkshire and Lancashire it is colloquially known as Spanish, supposedly because Spanish monks grew liquorice root at Rievaulx Abbey near Thirsk.

2) Spain produces a rock hard, black, pure substance - Spanish licorice, which in the notyjh of the UK became abbreviated as "Spanish", and could be used sucked for ages. By cutting into small pieces, placing into a bottle of water - usually an empty Bandelion and Durdok bottle - and left to ferment for about a week, thus produced "spo" - a refreshing drink. The spanish was in small rolls with a flattened head holding the name of its producer, and each stick was about 6-8 cm long. (sic throughout)