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25-Jun-10 - 10:10 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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puckfist (n.)

(1) A puffball fungus. Eng. regional (chiefly west midl.) in later use. Now rare. (2) A boaster, a braggart. Now arch. (3) A tight-fisted or avaricious person, a miser. Obs.

Used in a sentence in 1637 by J. Shirley:

"Lady, he is no man … A very puck-fist."

1600 B. JONSON Every Man out of his Humor I. ii. 159 To be enamour'd on this dustie Turfe? This clod? a horson Puckefist?
1605 Hist. Tryall Cheualry sig. G2v, Giue me leaue to incounter this puckfist: and if I doe not make him cry Peccaui, say Dicke Bowyer's a powdred Mackrell.
1615 J. TAYLOR Vrania xxiv, in Wks. (1630) 3/2 Then loue him; else his puckfoist pompe abhorre.
1637 J. SHIRLEY Example II. i, Lady, he is no man..A very puck~fist. Jacinta. What's that, I pray? Vain. A phantom, a mere phantom.
1821 SCOTT Kenilworth II. vi. 178 A base besognio, and a puckfist.
1989 Times Lit. Suppl. 21 July 798/4 Perhaps I am a paranoid puckfist, but when I see my praise being used as a puff for a novel, and my name has been reduced merely to Sunday Times..I begin to wonder if this is..a palpable snub.
1996 Sunday Tasmanian(Austral.) (Nexis) 29 Dec., The only time he has ever sworn over the air-waves was accidentally while trying to say the word `puckfist'a word referring to a person who dominates conversation at a dinner party.
3. A tight-fisted or avaricious person, a miser. Obs.

1606 Wily Beguiled in W. C. Hazlitt Dodsley's Sel. Coll. Old Eng. Plays (1874) IX. 232, I heard your father say that he would marry you to Peter Plod-all, that puck-fist, that snudge-snout. 1608 R. MIDDLETON Epigr. & Satyres sig. B3, Old father pukfist, knits his arteries, First strikes, then railes on Riots villanies. 1631 B. JONSON New Inne III. i. 151 Peirce. A grazier's may. Fer. O they are pinching puckfists! Trun. And suspicious.

There you go--another gem of English retort, a diamond among perjoratives, suitable for application to any whoreson puckfisted simian such as a certain snudge-snout of a bandarlog PI known to us all...