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Posted By: Don(Wyziwyg)T
30-Jun-10 - 06:06 AM
Thread Name: BS: New Israeli atrocity: attack on Gaza aid
Subject: RE: BS: New Israeli atrocity: attack on Gaza aid
""Israel ought to be nice in return, but they choose to be only as nice as the law demands.""

When was the last time that Israel gave a damn about what the law demands?

That's what this damn row, the rockets, and the election of Hamas is all about.Israel started, as you put it, "not being nice to the Gazans" decades ago, not last month.

Have you no humanity at all?

This is a population struggling to survive the illegal attentions of a vastly stronger neighbour (both numerically, and militarily).

Had the Germans managed to invade this country, your type would have been first in line to use on them the selfsame tactics which you decry, when used against your Israeli pals.

And I will refrain from responding to the above epithet in kind. You can just read my mind, to find out what I think of you.

Don T.