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Posted By: Emma B
02-Jul-10 - 07:09 AM
Thread Name: BS: New Israeli atrocity: attack on Gaza aid
Subject: RE: BS: New Israeli atrocity: attack on Gaza aid
"Cement is cheap, Tamiflu worthless, but hundreds of mobility scooters?"

Cement may be cheap but both cement and electric wheelchairs were banned from entry into Gaza - cement still is - so there is a shortage Keith.

However depite the 'worthlessness' of some of the medication (a common feature in this kind of response according to the Red Cross - see my most recent post) I agree with the commentary by James Hider the Times war correspondent that

"For the people of Gaza the most precious commodity on board the Turkish flotilla stormed by Israel last month was not electric wheelchairs or children's toys or medicine: it was hope.

Adults, unable to freely to express their trauma in a deeply traditional society, often develop psychosomatic physical symptoms for which inexperienced doctors prescribe painkillers — leaving many people hooked on prescription drugs. Domestic violence has increased as partners vent their frustration on each other in this sealed-off enclave whose infrastructure has been destroyed by Israeli bombs and cannot be rebuilt because no construction materials are allowed in.

That is why, when the Turkish-led flotilla tried to break the blockade, people in Gaza suddenly felt a renewed hope that the world had not forgotten them entirely"

Full report

Keith, I do not want to get into an interminable nit picking exchange that you seem to revel in with others as I think some issues are too important for that kind of exercise however


" you deleted the one short sentence that referred to Hamas' initial refusal to let in any of the aid."

What I said Keith was that
"Hamas had said that it would accept the cargo in its entirety including the batteries required by the scooters and the much needed cement"

Same meaning but not the 'official' Israeli spin

"Be everywhere, and say the same thing / Give no ground / Deny Deny Deny"

and finally

"The last refuge.... When all else fails, point to a few examples of outrageous anti-Semitism, generalize them, suggesting that that is what motivates critics.
It stings, and may be over-used, but it can silence or put critics on the defensive."

How Israel's Propoganda Machine Works The Huffington Post