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02-Jul-10 - 06:33 PM
Thread Name: BS:Alvin Greene-So. Carolina congressional primary
Subject: RE: BS:Alvin Greene-So. Carolina congressional primary
Whoa, it has been proven that illegal immigration costs taxpayers a LOT of money. Not necessarily everybody, and not necessarily on your federal income taxes. In a time of economic crisis, my property taxes have been going up about $500 a year, this will be the third year running. Almost all of that is schools. Most of that is influx of people from south of the border. That includes hiring of bi-lingual teachers. Besides that, you can take a look here in Texas, at who's on programs like WIC and food stamps, or look at the uninsured users of hospital emergency rooms, or, look at the jails and prisons. Not the federal prisons, but the state and county. Its ridiculous how many Mexican nationals are in County jails here, getting 3 hots and a cot, not to mention what damage they caused to victims. They shouldn't have been here in the first place. That's all costing somebody a ton of money. Why do you think Arizona enacted that law? Just to be pricks? they're going broke. You may be rich, but I can't afford it, either.
The southern border is a sieve by design, and the constitution gives the federal government the job of protecting the border. They aren't and they haven't been, knowing full well those border states are picking up the tab.
Nobody's ever minded a few people coming over, but its become a flood, now, and extremely flagrant. I don't even mind the drugs coming over, they're cheaper and safer than pharmaceuticals. Its the people bringing them now that bother me. I don't care about the Crips and bloods shooting things up now and then, they're not very good shots anyway. But these new guys, the Mexican and cental American gangs settling into our neighborhoods are dangerous. That's going to cost somebody way more than money in the future.
This is irresponsibility of the government on the highest order, playing political games with people's safety by allowing this to happen.
Its costing American taxpayers a lot of money. Perhaps you need your droopy eyelids opened. Try some Crystal meth, fresh from Mexico.