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Posted By: GUEST,mandatory8
07-Jul-10 - 10:54 AM
Thread Name: BS:Alvin Greene-So. Carolina congressional primary
Subject: RE: BS:Alvin Greene-So. Carolina congressional primary
I don't understand why, when you're talking about illegal immigration, you even mention democrats or republicans. The gates were thrown wide open under the Bush regime. One of the 8 new US district attorneys that Alberto Gonzales got in trouble for was hatchet man Johnny Sutton, an old pal of Bush's, who was actually prosecuting border guards for doing their job. Its not a party thing, it's a cheap labor thing, for the corporations that own both the parties. There's congressmen in both parties being pressured by the people in their districts that are against amnesty. I can guarantee you there's plenty of Republicans that'll vote against protecting the border.
I can understand that, maybe, up in New England its not a big issue, but it should be for any body that works for a living. Man, what do you tell your kids if they ask you what illegal means?