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Posted By: GUEST,mandatory8
07-Jul-10 - 11:20 AM
Thread Name: BS:Alvin Greene-So. Carolina congressional primary
Subject: RE: BS:Alvin Greene-So. Carolina congressional primary
Wait a minute, speaking of the border, Why is there all this huge waste of time and money at airports, with what feels like German soldiers in a WWII movie asking for "Papers please", and taking your shoes off, while they look for whatever in the hell they're looking for. That's the biggest crock-o-shit I've ever seen, especially because if there actually were terrorists bent on destroying this country, its been proven, they can just stroll over the southern border, with thousands of others, with whatever bombs they prefer.
And if I know that, the heads of all those useless spy/security departments know that. If you don't protect the border, then why the harassment at the airports? The US is already on everybody's list of top 10 police states. and this is why the democrats are no better than the Republicans. they've had a chance to do away with this crap and its gotten worse.
I can't understand why everybody isn't protesting paying taxes to this government, when that's what they use the money for.