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Posted By: GUEST,The Angry Scottsman
07-Jul-10 - 12:48 PM
Thread Name: Song Req: 'There was China Man...'
Subject: RE: Song Req: 'There was China Man...'
My grandfather used to sing a version of this to me all the time. I it used to make me laugh and I loved it. I can't remember it 100% but here goes:

Once in China, there lived a great man
His name was Chickeri-Chee-Chi-Chan
His legs were long and his feet were short,
The poor old man couldn't walk or snort!

Oh, Chickeri-Chee-Chi-Chan, mungo-loro
Hock-o Poke-o, hit-em-on-the-coco!
Nucker-i Bucker-i, Chee-Chi-Chan
wack-em, pack-em, stack-em on their back-ums!

It was something like that, I know he had more rhyming non-sense after that and some more verses, but I don't remember any more, and he is no longer alive to ask.