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Posted By: bubblyrat
09-Jul-10 - 08:07 AM
Thread Name: Bosun's whistle, anyone?
Subject: RE: Bosun's whistle, anyone?
Never found it easy to play (which I had to do whilst on duty for three months in the main-gate guardroom at RNAS Yeovilton ).Cupping ones right hand over the aperture between the ball and the blowpipe creates a kind of acoustic chamber. By raising / lowering the spread fingers,one can ,whilst simultaneously blowing harder or softer,alter the volume and pitch of the note. Some "calls", as in "Hands to Dinner" and " Out Lights--Out Pipes-Pipe Down" require a certain amount of trilling of the tongue as well.I was generally only required to pipe "Call The Hands" in the morning ; the "Still" and the "Carry on" at 0800 (summer) or 0900 (winter) when the Ensign was run up,and "Pipe Down" at 2300 ------depending on which watches I was standing, of course !!
   Nasty thing !! Full of Naval and Maritime history , of course, but a bit of an anachronism in today's Navy---I always preferred the bugle,which ruled my daily life for 3 years aboard an aircraft carrier in the '60s.