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Posted By: Anne Neilson
10-Jul-10 - 12:20 PM
Thread Name: lyrics to the shepherds life,
Subject: ADD: The Shepherd's Life (Wil Scott)
The song you want is an original from Willie Scott and I copy the lyrics from Alison McMorland's book 'Herd Laddie o' the Glen'.

(Wil Scott)

1 I'm a shepherd and I rise ere the sun is in the skies,
   I can lamb the yowes wi' ony o' them a'.
   An' I like my flock to feed, an' look fresh an' fair indeed,
   But I wish the cauld east winds would never blaw.

         I can smear my sheep and dip, I can udderlock and clip,
         I can lamb the yowes wi' ony o' them a':
         I can parrock, I can twin, aye, an' cheat them wi' a skin,
         But `i wish the cauld east winds would never blaw.

2 When the winter time is here, for their lives I sometimes fear -
    Tae some sheltered nook my flock I'll gently ca':
   Or in the morning grey, I'll turn them tae the brae,
   Or seek them 'mang the too'rin' wreaths o' snaw.

3 In the lambing time I wot, it was little sleep I got,
   But when the summer's sunny breezes blaw,
   On yon bonnie hill, I'll lie and sleep my fill
   When the lambs are runnin' roon aboot me braw.

4 I can cut and merk and spean, or drive them to the train,
   Though their dams be rinnin' bleatin' in a raw;
   I can stand the mairket through, an' richt weel I sell them too,
   An' my maister's money safely bring it a'.

5 I can work in time o' need, I can sow or hoe or weed,
   I can swing the scythe wi' ony o' them a';
   I can cut the corn and bin, an' richt braw stooks leave behin'
   That will stan' the Autumn winds when hooses fa'.

6 An' when I've done my wark, though the nicht be e'er sae dark,
   At a swaggerin' step I'll hie mysel' awa'
   To the lassie, dearest yin, she's the best aneath the sun -
   She'll name the day we'll be nae langer twa.

7 Now my neebor herds beware, when ye gang to show or fair,
   The fiery liquor never taste ava;
   Just thole your drouth awee till your ain braw hills ye'll see,
   An' the bonnie bubblin' streams will quell it a'.

Parrock - to get a ewe to accept another ewe's lamb, by confining them together in a small
                enclosure or parrock.
Twinning - getting a stronger ewe to take a second lamb along with her own, sometimes
                     helped by tying on the skin of a ewe's own dead lamb.
Udderlock - gently pulling the wool off the udder for the lamb to suck.

Hope this helps.