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Posted By: Artful Codger
11-Jul-10 - 12:41 AM
Thread Name: Origins: I Bought Me a Cat / Fiddle-i-Fee
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: I Bought Me a Cat
For many years, the only version I knew of was sung by Brownan McGee back in the 70s. However, when I dug it out today, I found that I "remember" an entirely different start to the song—no idea where I picked it up:

T:The Barnyard Song
S:Artful Codger
G, | C> E G E/ E/ | G A C z/ G/ |
w: I had a bird and the bird pleased me. I
c G A G/ G/ | E C D z/ C/ |
w: fed my bird un-der yon-der tree. The
C C E/ C/ D | C3 z | z4 ||
w: bird went fid-dle-i-fee.
% Ending of later verses:
[M:3/2] C C E z E z/ C/ | C C E/ E/ G E/ E/ G/ C/ |
w: duck when quack quack, the hen went chim-my chack, chim-my chuck, the
C C E3 z/ C/ | [M:2/2][L:1/4] C C E/ C/ D | C3 z ||
w: cat went meow, the bird went fid-dle-i-fee.

Brownan McGee's version was mostly like Sorcha's tune but with my rhythm and "fiddle-i-fee" jog, and all the sounds were amusingly "naturalistic". His animals were (in final order) turkey, goose, duck, dog, cat and bird; the bird sound he whistled (an octave higher than I've written). I thought he sang more verses, since in my mind's ear I hear the wife's plaintive "Honey, honey," but it's not on my recording.