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Posted By: HipflaskAndy
11-Jul-10 - 09:48 AM
Thread Name: Moonbeams Wold Top Folk Festival 2010!
Subject: RE: Moonbeams Wold Top Folk Festival 2010!
I'm with 'theleveller' on that one - I still haven't cone down yet either!
HUGE thanks to Leila and all her wonderful staff - particularly Barbara and co, that slaved
all w/e in that hot kitchen feeding artists, crew, stewards et al - (and we sure ate all!) twas a magnificent effort
by those good ladies that even 'cooked themselves' in there!!!
Thanks too, to Brewery owner Tom (and family) for having this fest amidst their wonderful set-up,
high on the hill - and to all the brewery staff - they worked their socks off too. Cheers Tom - you're a star!
The weather was just brilliant too!!
But Leila - it's all down to your hard work - thabnks for pulling it all together - love ya!
Big raps to all the artists, sound-crew - and all - we had a ball amongst you good people...
Lastly - what a crowd!
Hats-off to that audience last night - The whole barn danced and moved and sang as one.
It was truly a magnificent sight for us as we whacked through our set - what a crowd!
Thank you, one and all!
Yours - knackered, but high - Duncan McFarlane - on behalf of all his crew.