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Posted By: Jim Dixon
13-Jul-10 - 12:42 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Tune Req: Off to Philadelphia
Subject: Lyr Add: OFF TO PHILADELPLHIA (Temple/Haynes)
The National Library of Australia has this sheet music.

I have standardized the dialect words (e.g. "shpot" for "spot") and boldfaced the words that are different from the above versions.

The tune seems a bit different from the midi file that Joe posted above.

Words revised & edited by Stephen Temple.
Music adapted from an old Irish melody by Battison Haynes.
London: Boosey & Co., [1889?]

1. My name is Paddy Leary,
From a spot called Tipperary.
The hearts of all the girls I am a thorn in;
But before the break of morn,
Faith! 'tis they'll be all forlorn,
For I'm off to Philadelphia in the mornin'.

CHORUS: With my bundle on my shoulder,
Faith! there's no man could be bolder.
I'm leaving dear old Ireland without warnin',
For I lately took the notion
For to cross the briny ocean,
And I start for Philadelphia in the mornin'.

2. There's a girl called Kate Malone,
Whom I'd hoped to call my own,
And to see my little cabin floor adornin',
But my heart is sad and weary.
How can she be Mrs. Leary
If I start for Philadelphia in the mornin'?

3. When they told me I must leave the place,
I tried to keep a cheerful face.
For to show my heart's deep sorrow I was scornin',
But the tears will surely blind me,
For the friends I leave behind me,
When I start for Philadelphia in the mornin'.

LAST CHORUS: But though my bundle's on my shoulder,
And there's no man could be bolder.
Though I'm leavin' now the spot that I was born in,
Yet someday I'll take the notion
To come back across the ocean,
To my home in dear old Ireland in the mornin'.